Ensival Moret: “Innovations Provider”

With more than hundred years experience in the design and manufacturing of industrial pumps, Ensival Moret is today a world-famous supplier whose know-how is internationally recognised.

SPK-A Professional Pump & Pump Solutions Supplier

Shanghai Pump-kin Machinery Co., Ltd.(SPK),is a professional supplier of equipments of liquid transfer, mixture and metering and a provider of equipment maintenance and complete solutions. Since the year of 2001 when the company was established, we have accumulated rich experiences on all kinds of application of liquid transfer, mixture and metering. Our main products are Positive Displacement Pump, Agitator and Metering Instruments, so that we can provide one-station solution to our customers.


SPK has successfully built up a long-term cooperation with many well-known fluid equipment manufacturers for the past years. We provide more than 30 well-known brands of Pump, Compressor, Agitator and Metering Instruments.


SPK can provide customers service and technical experience more than products. We always focus on the communication with the clients on the technical discussion and clarification. It is always our pleasure to share the experience and application success with our clients and manufacturers as well.


There are branch offices in Tianjin and Chengdu while the head office locates in Shanghai so that we can provide quicker service and technical support to our local customers.Our pump service centers and repair workshops offer 24 hour 7 day emergency pump service onsite and in-house.

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